Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

This past Halloween I took on Wonder Woman! It was by far my favorite costume I have ever worn! It was so comfy and I didn't have to worry about not being able to dance the night away.
 All this costume took was a quick trip to Michaels Craft Store and some time. I did procrastinate for Halloween which I think everyone does. 

Materials Purchased:
Michaels Craft Store:
1 1/2 yards of Red Satin
1 yard of White and Blue Satin 
{these were also on sale}
White Thread
White Felt
Dick's Sporting Good's:
Blue Volleyball spandex
Hot Topic:
Wonder Woman Corset w/ Accessories

 The next step was to sew my cape. I used a sewing machine, but you could do it by hand if you had enough time. I didn't use a pattern I kind of just winged it and it turned out fine. Especially for something that you are most likely only going to wear one time. I do suggest that if you are going to comicon or somewhere that you make a paper pattern.
I first layed my red satin out and cut a semi circle out of it.

{It should look something like this}
After my red semi circle was cut out I cut a smaller semi cirlce out of the flat side for a neck hole.
I then took my blue and white satin and cut it into half of a semi circle.
{it should look like the blue piece here}
I made my sections smaller so I could have more detail.
I then started with the red piece and sewed my first blue piece onto it. Make sure that your nice side is facing eachother. This is to ensure that the nice side will show when you wear your cape. After you sew your first shapes together you need to proceed and sew the rest together.
After my cape was all pieced together I sewed a "flap" to thread my ribbon through the neck line.
Once I finished sewing my cape and threading my ribbon I cut out stars out of white felt. I then tacked these stars on. I also used theses felt stars on my shorts. I purchased my blue shorts from Dick's Sporting Goods. I believe they are Volleyball Spandex.
After all of my stars were tacked on I added plastic jewels in the center. You do not have to do this, but I love bling! 

My corset was purchased from Hot Topic! It also came with my arm cuffs and headband.
What were you for Halloween?

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  1. Love what you did , great costume! I also do a lot of DIY projects. Would you like to follow each other! It would be interesting to become friends with diy blogs ;o)
    Have a great day dear!

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