Shop Your Closet
I bet you have more in your closet than you realize! This is where I come in. I will go through your closet with you to create looks and piece together outfits! We will document your outfits so you have your own personal "look book" to refer to after our session is complete! I will also provide recommendations for certain fit/styles for your body type. 
Shop Til You Drop
Let's head to the mall! We will browse through stores of your choice. I will offer some advice and suggestions based on your style and budget. You will be surprised what you can end up with when you have an extra set of fashionista eyes shopping with you! Just like the Shop Your Closet, we will document looks to create your own personal Look Book. 
Virtual Shopper
Don't live near me? No worries! I would be more than happy to shop online for you! After chatting for our consultation, I will shop online for you and create several looks so you have ideas as to how to style! I do all the work- all you have to do is click, purchase, and wear!

I do ad space for free on my blog. Please email me for details. 

For all bookings, sponsorship, professional, and all other general inquiries please contact Shelbylain directly at shelbylainbrown@gmail.com or on Twitter @shelbylain20

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