Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 Things my family accidentally taught me

I hope everyone had a good start to their October! So far I have been to 2 haunted houses this month and can't wait for more! Pictured below are some of my best friends.It was raining and gross, but we ended up having a good time.We told Dustin we were making a scary face lol.
 Here are ten things that my family accidentally taught me...
10.Grandma's can do it all! Am I right? I have yet to find one thing that my grandma isn't good at. Well besides drinking, but that's another post. ;)
9. You will never be more heartbroken than when your little sibling gets theirs broken.
8. Don't cry; just try. Yes, this is one from my good ole' dad. Anytime I started to get frustrated with something he was always there to add "don't cry; just try", which at the time was very annoying. (learning fractions for the first time. Am I right?) Now it is just something that I can say to my students when they are struggling with something. Thanks, Dad.
7. Horizontal Stripes are a no go. Yes, grandmas are full of knowledge, but this is a fashion emergency! Unless you are stick thin, horizontal stripes are most likely going to make you look wider than you need to be.
6. The fish bite the best at 5am or earlier. Don't believe me ask my dad because I too have yet to catch a fish this early.
5. You can make something out of anything. Be creative! Don't worry about not having the specific items! Improvise!
4. Baseball is boring. There I said it. Sorry, baseball fans. 
3. Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty. Self explanatory.
2. You are not supposed to put ketchup on steak. EVER.
1. You can't love someone out of being a Kentucky fan. Sorry, guys.
Well their you have it! 10 things my family accidentally taught me. What are some things that your family has accidentally taught you?
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