Friday, September 20, 2013

iOS7 Update

Okay so I am totally OBSESSED with the new iPhone update! At first I was unsure of the new design, but after the initial shock wore off I love it. Now that Apple has totally revamped the six year style it is more sleek and modern. One of the features that I am most in love with is the lockscreen! Like how cute is this! {yes I know 2% lol}

Not to mention my background is adorable! Another feature I am loving is the fact that some off the apps have a frosted window effect which also changes colors as the screen moves! The colors match up with whatever your background image is! Totally cute, right? The bottom navigation bar that holds icons like safari, phone, music and mail is also translucent. 

I'm still working with the update and checking out all the cool new stuff! Apple has also added in features that the android had already featured in their past phones like the flashlight app. This allows you to toggle your led light on and off. This is helpful for those nights when your bumbling around to find your keys in your purse at night. 

Another cool feature that is new is the fact that you can open a website on safari and choose to make it "app like" meaning that it will show up on your homes teen even if you're not on safari. 

Yeah I know! I'm obsessed! What are you guys most excited for?

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