Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yes it's true! I'm back! After deleting my old content I have decided to start blogging again. Yes this blog will still contain fashion and beauty, but I will keep you updated on my life better.
I am now in my fourth and final year of college. Yay!, but more importantly a huge life event is about to happen! After three years Dustin has finally made the State Police. He has worked so hard and deserves every bit of it. Although, I am proud of him he will be gone for six months for the academy. That means I will not get to talk to him. State police training is very serious. No phones, no computers or anything! I would die! Wednesday he leaves for Indianapolis for the psych screening and then he will leave in November for the academy. We have not been apart for more than a week in the whole five years that we have been dating!  I'm glad to be back and blogging!
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