Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Wish List: Fringe Booties

First Series: Fall Wish List Fringe Booties! Okay so I will admit at first I was sooooo against booties, but now I am feelin em'. Let me explain myself. First off, I have long legs, long arms and a long torso. For some weird reason I thought that I couldn't wear booties because I am so long and the booties are so short. Ugh I don't know, whatevs. ha! Anyways back to the booties! These are just a few of the styles that I am loving! What do you guys think?

These are on sale and I am SERIOUSLY thinking about picking up a pair in the color Mocha. 
Now these are similar to the first booties, but I like these because they are not so "cowboy" looking in the toe.

Jessica Simpson knows her shoes! These could be dressed up or down. Plus the fringe is in the back. Something different?

I LOVE these!

This is more of a subtle look and I am digging it!

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  1. all these booties are so cute!
    great post

  2. Love them all!

    xx Cara